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20 April 2011

The Cute Arrival :D

welcome babies to our family :)
16th April... heebum has safely delivered 3 beautiful kittens to the world.. im soooo happy and glad that the process went smoothly.. Alhamdulillah..

as they didn't yet have their official name.. i named them Hana, Dhul, n Seth for the time being
: Hana, Dhul n Seth stand for 1,2,3 in korean :D

09 April 2011

I can feel heebum's baby moving... !!

since heebum gets pregnant, i have a habit to rub her stomach slowly and said nice word to the baby in it..

i pray Allah to make heebum healthy, heebum's baby is healthy, to ease heebum's pregnancy journey and the most is for heebum's safety delivery..

losing the baby is sad..

but losing heebum is what i scare the most.. T__T

dear Allah, pleasa grant my doa..

oh.. back to what i really wanna share.. while rubbing heebum;s stomach.. i alwys felt something hard inside.. i dunt know how to describe it.. but it felt like a bone? or head? haha.. i wish i have to power of superman to be able to see inside heebum's tummy.. :P

then, i can felt a tiny movemnt inside there.. oh my.. i felt it twice..
my eyes gets waterry :')

i dont know the feeling.. but i felt lots of emotion around it..

such a nice feeling MashaAllah :')

08 April 2011

New Hooded Litter Box

i've always wanted to buy bummie this type of litter box..
it will be more hygenic as it will cover the litter box.. :D

the things that alwys pull me back from buying it.. the money and heebum herself..
i do afraid she will never gets to learn how to use this type of litter box..

forgive eomma for not believing in your capability.. hehee..

got some extra money last week, without any hassle i went to the pet shop solely purpose on buying the litter box i have aim for so long.. hehe

not lucky enough as there is no stock in PINK.. !!

i close my eyes and just pick the blue one :(
better having it in blue without having it at all right?

at first trial, heebum is a little bit shock when i close the litter box lid.. ngeh2...
she makes does pity-but-cute face asking me to help her..

Guess what, heebum only takes a few trial and i guess just in a day.. she has master the used of the lid.. hahaha.. forgive me again bummie for not believing in u.. :P

and now, eomma can live happily with a less-odour of ur litter box.. heee :D 
thank you for being such a clever gurl and makes eomma life easier 

there are many types of hooded litter box in the market.. mine can open the cover half of it.. easier for me as one lazy eomma to scoop heebum poo-poo.. hehe.. this is for the CatIt brand :)

till then.. :)

03 April 2011

The Glowing Pregnant Mummy :D

been very busy lately.. this two is the latest picture of heebum..

less than a month.. there will be a tip tap tip tap little paws in the house.. cant wait..
lets pray and hope for heebum's safety deliver :)