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23 May 2011

Bumbo Chair / Bumbo Seat for Kitten

Not only Human babies have Bumbo Chair / Seat for them, there is also for babies kitten too :)

22 May 2011

Tiga Beradik :)

from left : Han Sae Bi, Han Mae Bi and Han Hae Bi

21 May 2011

Let me ouuuutttt

Hae Bi Says : Eomma... Let Meeeee Ouuutttt.... 


Nampak je muka Eomma or sapa2 je yang lalu dkt dpn pntu rumah dorg ni..
Mesti dok terjerit2.. hehe.. nak keluar agaknye... :D

tunggu besar sikit baru Eomma bawak jalan-jalan oke..

20 May 2011

Taking a Nap..

Heebum and the babies :D

See the size difference between the first born and the last born..
sangat ketara kan? sekarang ni dlm proses nak menggemok kan bagi sama saiz ngn abg sulong tu.. 

Any tips?

sleep well little pie :)

19 May 2011

Celebrating Han Hee Bum's First Birthday

On 14th of May, Heebum celebrates his very first birthday.. yeayy..

Saeng il Chukha Hae Heebum -  it means Happy Birthday in Korean.. hehe
as Heebum being named like a Korean.. she deserve a birthday song in Korean too rite?

We sang her the Korean Birthday song and brings her this not-so-cute yet very delicious Birthday Cake :D

the idea of making this wet-food-cake is taken from this blog.
credit goes to the original idea's owner :)

As i put down the cake.. didn't even have a chance to ask Heebum pose infront of her birthday cake..
She just eat it up.. huhuhu..

A party for a litte family :)

Birthday message for Hee Bum..

Eomma love u Heebum.. hopefully u will always be healthy, a good girl, a happy cat, a lovable mother and i wish for all the good things for u.. hopefully we will alwys be together thru thick and thin.. i really do love u heebum.. thank you for everyhing u have given me, the love, the feeling, the warmth..

Eomma love u sooo much ^^

11 May 2011

Main gurau-gurau

babies2 da pandai main gurau-gurau.. comey je tengok.. hehe