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24 January 2011

why eomma named me '희범' - Heebum

eomma is a huge fan of Heechul..

heechul too loves cats ^^
he have three cats of his own for now..
one of them is HeeBum.. his full name is Han J Hee Bum..

here is the story on how heechul named the cat Heebum..

One of Heechul's fans gave him a cat so when Kibum saw it,they named it HEEBUM.When Hankyung heard it,he asked how come his name wasn't included?So they added his surname,it became HAN HEEBUM.In the end,the member of the traxx wanted his name inside too,so they added a J inside.It finally became HAN J HEEBUM.

credits: LOVEPJ@SJfullhouse.net for the translations / sujusahoe + baidu for the photos ^^;

even though Han J Hee Bum is nothing like me.. but, still eomma wanna name me HeeBum.. 

my Full name is Han Hee Bum.. eomma said 'Han' will be the family name as eomaa name started with 'Han'.. hehe. Han Nee Saa.. oh.. eomma has adjusted her name as well.. such an addict -__-"
i guess if eomma add more meow in her family, that meow will be named with Han as the fist name.. 

besides, Heebum is not a Korean name that is hard to pronounce.. hee..
if eomma named me baengshin like one of heechul cat or ga-ho like g-dragon's dog name or Haengoonee like jokown's dog or Mangdoongi like changmi's name.. it will be weird to ask my grandpa n grandma to call me rite?

so eomma decide to named me Heebum and they can call me Bum.. *read as Bam*..
no one will get twisted tongue when calling me rite? hehehe..

eomma and unnie calls me Heebum and people who is unfamiliar with the Korean thingy can call me bum..

every time eomma introduced me with anyone, they will think my eomma is weird giving a name like that to a cat.. hehehe

but its oke eomma, i really do love my name - Han Hee Bum..

this is how HeeChul spells heebum name in hangul - 희범   :)

hopefully i can meet Heechul's Heebum.. hehehe.. such a big dreamm :3


m.q said...

hee bum is a cute name heheheh

sI tEDI said...

bum bum!! Peluk kuat-kuat!!!