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09 April 2011

I can feel heebum's baby moving... !!

since heebum gets pregnant, i have a habit to rub her stomach slowly and said nice word to the baby in it..

i pray Allah to make heebum healthy, heebum's baby is healthy, to ease heebum's pregnancy journey and the most is for heebum's safety delivery..

losing the baby is sad..

but losing heebum is what i scare the most.. T__T

dear Allah, pleasa grant my doa..

oh.. back to what i really wanna share.. while rubbing heebum;s stomach.. i alwys felt something hard inside.. i dunt know how to describe it.. but it felt like a bone? or head? haha.. i wish i have to power of superman to be able to see inside heebum's tummy.. :P

then, i can felt a tiny movemnt inside there.. oh my.. i felt it twice..
my eyes gets waterry :')

i dont know the feeling.. but i felt lots of emotion around it..

such a nice feeling MashaAllah :')


Old Kitty said...

Oh beautiful Heebum is going to be a mummy!! OH congratulations!!!!!! Yay!!! Me and Charlie pray that she has a good and healthy pregnancy too!!! Take care

sesemut said...

Dear ,
bestnyerrr heebum's going to be a mum.
bila due?
OMG, i plak yg nerveous.
how old is heebum actually now?