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28 September 2010

Intro :)

annyeong.... ^^

as this is my very frst entry for this blog.. i should do the intro rite?

my name as regstered in the Vaksin card by my eomma is Han Hee Bum..
[read bum = bam]

oh.. sy adalah seekor meow yang sgt sukakan Kpop, Kdrama dan bercita-cita untuk ke Korea satu hari nanti dengan eomma sy.. hehehe.. that is why my name is a Korean name.. haha :D

actually it is my eomma yg really into all the Korean stuff..

oke.. back to the intro..

actually before this, uri eomma already have her own blog.. but then, something comes up and finally dia pon private blog die and berkira-kira untuk stop writing..

but, di sebabkn her passion for writing adalah sgt kuat.. itu kate die la.. padahal selalu je x update blog

sy adalah dipaksa oleh eomma sy untuk menulis blog ini.. -__-"
she is soooooo jeolous wif my leisure time.. 

so, here it is.. my blog with my own name as the url.. :D

i would write about myself, everthng that happens around me.. and of course, i still have to write about my eomma and her life as well..erghh.. kate dia, if i dun wanna wrote story about her.. she will starve me to death.. aigoooo...
scary ohh..

hopefully, i will be seekor meow yg sgt rajin menulis blog.. hee..
sekian intro dr sy, HeeBum.. 

meoww.. ^^

muke x rela sy kene pksa tulis blog.. -__-'

eomma : mum in Korean.. :)
uri : ours/my


naLUVkpop said...

bum bum
eomma skrg dh tak writting blog lg ke??
unnie miss ur eomma!

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

hai..selamat berkenalan heebum yg comel!!! =)

baru 5bulan tapi heebom gemok gedempol!!!!