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28 September 2010


meowwww... ^^

what is a family?

family is not only because they have the 'blood ties' with us and they have become ur family. even wif someone who doesnt have any blood ties wif us, we can also makes them as a family..

see how they treat us, how they love us and how they are willingly to sacrifice for us.. ^^
that is what family is..

uri eomma said, she has lots of frens yang dia anggap mcm family dia..

that makes me have a really big famly kn? heee.. i do really have a biiig famly.. :D

my cat real family have 6 members in it..
my dad, my mum, my kembar2.. i have 3 kembar.. a twin sister and two twin brother..

oh.. tp, sy rasa.. i have more than 4 siblngs.. bukan ape.. u know how kucing jantan rite? -__-'

my dad n one of my twin brother live together. but separately wif my mum..
while my mum is livng together wif my sister and my brother..

yeah.. it is only me yang tinggal dgn family angkat but it is oke as they treat me like a real famly despite on not having the 'blood ties'..

heee.. my new famly is a human family.. sgt weird kalau kami ade blood ties pulak.. haha.. :P

im going to tell u about my human family..

sy ade seorg eomma.. :)
oh.. die jadi eomma sy sbb die yang make the decision to jadikan sy as part of her family..
die yang namakan sy, yg suruh sy pggl die eomma dan yg pksa sy tulis blog ni pon die jugak la.. -__-'

no matter what, i just luv her..
tenkiu eomma for having me in this family.. saranghaeee.. <3

besides that, i have 2 hal-meo-nie and 2 ha-ra-beo-jie.. :D
i have 2 un-nie, 1 oppa, and 2 i-mu..

theres a lot more i wanna share but i need to go scratching the tikar before my eomma sees  me..

gotta go..

will be continue later oke..


meowww... :3

hal-meo-nie : grandma /nenek /opah
ha-ra-boe-jie : grandpa /atuk
unnie : kakak /sister
oppa : bro/abang
imu : aunty/mak sedara

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