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19 May 2011

Celebrating Han Hee Bum's First Birthday

On 14th of May, Heebum celebrates his very first birthday.. yeayy..

Saeng il Chukha Hae Heebum -  it means Happy Birthday in Korean.. hehe
as Heebum being named like a Korean.. she deserve a birthday song in Korean too rite?

We sang her the Korean Birthday song and brings her this not-so-cute yet very delicious Birthday Cake :D

the idea of making this wet-food-cake is taken from this blog.
credit goes to the original idea's owner :)

As i put down the cake.. didn't even have a chance to ask Heebum pose infront of her birthday cake..
She just eat it up.. huhuhu..

A party for a litte family :)

Birthday message for Hee Bum..

Eomma love u Heebum.. hopefully u will always be healthy, a good girl, a happy cat, a lovable mother and i wish for all the good things for u.. hopefully we will alwys be together thru thick and thin.. i really do love u heebum.. thank you for everyhing u have given me, the love, the feeling, the warmth..

Eomma love u sooo much ^^


ULtradya said...

Heppy birthday Han Hee Bum ....i cant speak korean....hhehehe....

*hope u live a healthy life and a long lasting life with ur mummy n kitten

Han.Nee.Saa said...

heheh.. komawo for ur prayers..
heebum pon bukan reti ckp Korea... eksyen je lebih... hehehehe :P

Old Kitty said...

Awwwwwwwww happy birthday to sweet Hee bum!!! Me and Charlie wish that you have a very special day! Look at your wonderful cake and sweet babies! Take care

ery D cat said...

wah~~~hepy bday...hepy bday..to you..hee bum...psst!!mummy dia xmam kek tu sama???hihihi...

m.q said...

happy birthday han hee bum

pursss & kisses,
BoBo Salem & ChaCha

Han.Nee.Saa said...

old kitty n m.q : thank you for the wish :)

ery : hehhe.. mak die x snggp lak nk mkn kek heebum tu.. :P

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

baby heebum dah besar la.. =))