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01 November 2010

I love Korean Drama

My eomma just finish watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho..

The movie is just so brilliant,fun and the guy in the drama can really makes you drooling.. i dunno bout you but i can see my eomma's eye focusing at the screen and she dont even flinch especially when it shows the Cha Dae Woong part..

i love watching this drama too.. everytime my oppa - Na Min Woo appears on the screen.. i will jump on eomma lap and watching my oppa.. oh oppa.. saranghae... :3

isnt my oppa looks yummy? ngeh2..

you guys should try watching it.. it is worthy.. !!

the ost also really nice.. :)

enjoy... ^^



oppa : brother [when a women call an older guy]

if u are a guy, u will call ur brother hyung :)


Misz Pinkie Winkie said...


Namie Amir said...

crt gumiho ni sedih kan..tapi saya xhbs tgk lg, dok tgk kt kimchidrama sebab kt sini xdak astro..huhu

anis said...

owh, u're so cute la heebum...
pndai nengok cter korea plak 2...hihi
aritu capuk tgok hndustan...
x kejip2 mata..hihi