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01 November 2010

25 random fact,habit about HeeBum - one (hana)

heebum telah di tag oleh sharz agasshi.. :)

25 random fact, habits about me...

1. i love getting bath, but i hate drying my fur when its wet.. after the meowing and clawing bath session.. eomma needs to sunbathe me and dry me with the fan.. i am too afraid with the sound of hairdryer.. so, eomma needs to use the not so modern way.. :P

for as long as my fur is still wet.. i will keep meowing, meowing and meowing..

i really hate to lick my wet fur. if only eomma can lick it for me..

i think i really need a CAT eomma..

nan geuge silh-eo

can i continue the other 24 random habit in a different entry.. :3  *pussy cat watery eye*

agassi/agasshi : miss
hana : one
nan geuge silh-eo : i hate it
read silh-eo as shiro.. 

1 comment:

Namie Amir said...

haiyo..baru nk dapat feel dh stop..isk isk..nak kena nih :-p