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03 April 2012

Just like a tattoo....

Everyone has their own breaking heart story..
and here i share mine....

as i keep on dreaming you lately.. i guess.. i have to let it out here....
and i hope that no one will judge me on what happening... ;(

i really do miss u syg...... i really do.. as i keep on dreaming about u.. i know that u still in my heart.. and i know that i still miss u...

 this is where i met u for the first time..
i dunno how or when or who.. but i met u with an injured leg.. still with blood...

the second time i met u.. i know, i have to do something..
the look in ur eyes.. i still remember it.... :(

with help from mama n mummy from Kittyworld..
 we bring u to the vet...
riding a scooter.. 

heeeee..as a student.. this is the only things that we can afford ;)


but then.. something happens at the vet makes me no longer brings u to the vet..

so.. i bring u to the human clinic.. heee :)

Alhamdulillah.. the human Dr willingly to treat u even it is not in his job scope.. :D

 as day goes by...... 
we do the routine to the clinic.. riding a scooter ^^

u're getting healthier.. healthier.. and happier i hope.. ;)

i keep on applying minyak gamat asli to your leg..
didn't even care with all the scratches u gave me..
praying hard, smoga ur skin will grow and will be able to cover up the exposed bone.

 even many people said that it is impossible.. but i still... 
keep on trying..
keep on praying..

cause i know.. i will have to leave u for a while one day... :(
so i hope.. when the day comes.. u will be able to take care of urself..
u will able to find food by ur own..
cause i will no longer there.. i have to go.. 

and Alhamdulillah sayang..
our prayers have been answered.. :')

ur skin has grown and covered the exposed bone..
even u cant walk like u used to be.. 
but i know.. this is much better is it?

and the day comes... i had to leave u.....
im sorry sayang... but i have to.. i've tried everything..
i ask u to wait for me.. 
just wait until i become stable and i will definitely brings u home..

 but luck was not with us... the day where i become stable and when the time comes for me to bring u home..
u're no longer there..

im sorry i make u wait that long..
im sorry..
up till now.. i still do feel the guiltiness..
i hope u forgive me..
i hope u're happy now..

Rest In Peace my sayang Tigger..

I loved you once needed protection
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I'll always have you

the brokenhearted Eomma ;(



Aujinz said...

woo.. kenape kaki dia?.. kenape dengan Vet? kenapa awak terpaksa tinggalkan dia?.. ai ai ai

* HeeBum and HaeBi * said...

Aujinz :
soalan 1 : tak thu.. sbb masa jmpa die tu... da mmg jd cmtu.. huhu.. mase jmpe tu kaki die tgh bleeding lg..
soaln kedua : sbb masa kt vet tu..org keje tu suruh buang je kt pasar.. x yh bela sbb menyshkn.. wuuuwuu.. so, boikot la xmo g da..
soaln ketiga : sbb..... masa tu da abis stdy n kene pegi pektikal.. :((((((