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28 October 2010

Sleeping habit

i have so many place i love to sleep..

eomma says im a heavy sleeper... but i dont think so.. cats need to sleep around 13-16 hours rite?

one of my favorite place to sleep is in the between of front seat in car.. try it fellow kitty..
it is very comfort there..

trust me.. !!  :D

see how deep my sleep is.. i even use the handbrake as my bolster..

eomma didnt even have chance to pull the handbrake.. even when she park the car.. she just use the leg brake.. hihihi..

eomma, u really do love me rite??

i love u too eomma.. saranghae.. <3


Azreen Sulaiman said...

LOL, that's one of the cutest pictures we have ever seen! :D Sweet dreams HeeBum!

Kenzo & Azreen

ps: thank you for the birthday wish! :)

* HeeBum * said...

arigato kenzo.. ^^

ULtradya said...

Hee Bum....wake up...wake up...nk tgok Hee Bum menari wondergirls lak..heheheh...asik tdo je dier..cOmel ya Hee Bum!