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27 October 2010


do you have a bestfriend?
i am the only kitty in this household.. so, i dun have any cat friend to play with, to share my food with, to hug when i went to sleep.. poor me.. :(

so, eomma gave me a teddy name Han Ni Ni to be my bestfren...

i sleep with her.. but not all of the time.. only when i feels bored.. :D
i really do looks like a loving friend in the upper pic right?
check the below video.. it is my true colour on how i treat my bestfriend.. hahahaa.. *evil laugh*

shuuhhh.. again.. dont tell my eomma about this ok.. she surely hate it and going to save han ni ni from my claws.. :P


i guess this is not the right way to treat your bestfriend right? :D

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