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29 October 2010

Its been a month..

Its been a month since opah ma left me here.. opah ma left us, my eomma family and my unnie family..

it is just like a dream.. a really long dream... but when i wake up, when i look around the house.. searching for opah ma.. the reality hit.. i have to bear with the reality.. opah ma is no longer here.. :((

al-fatihah for my beloved opah ma.. u will always stay in our heart.. forever..

jija unnie, be strong.. heebum love u unnie..


Namie Amir said...

hai heebum..mama yoyet dtg melawat heebum..jgn sedey2 ye..mama dan yoyet ade :-)

Forever Foster said...


aziza shamsudin said...

hee bum ah~
na do saranghae^^
miss you hee bum ah..i mis opah ma too