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26 October 2010

Pinky noSe

do u wanna have a pinky nose like mine?

here is wat my eomma always do to me.. #___#

honestly.. i really do hate it..shuhh.. dun tell my eomma oke.. :P


after eomma finish cleaning my nose, i would go sulking.. hahaa.. i wouldnt let her touch me or pet me.. i will bite her hand.. hahaa..

even when eomma bribe me wif a plastic..  i will not forgive her for abusing me... T____T

oh.. the sound of plastic ruffling is so tempting.. :D


but i do really look much cuter when my nose is pink.. isnt it?


KittyWorld said...

baru la comey.. jgn jadi mcm hachi, susah nak cuci hidung... jenuh nak mcuci, bgadoh2 ngan die..huhu

iela said...

Pink color.. i loiiikkeee.. hihihi. shomelnyerr diaa..

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

comel2!! hidung pink!!!